Advanced Student Engagement Techniques/Critical Thinking

(Prerequisite: must have completed a Fundamentals or equivalent training)

In this workshop, participants will use cooperative learning techniques to dive deeper into topics related to student engagement that include brain based learning, critical thinking, and technology in the classroom with a finale of pedagogy of caring.

Participants will come away from this workshop with many activities ready for use in the classroom the next day and numerous applications and ideas that can be tailored to specific disciplines.

All content is presented in a cooperative, active learning environment where participants interact not only with the facilitators, but with other trainees and other tracks as well. Participants will learn proven active strategies for empowering students to become critical thinkers. This two-day workshop will strengthen educators in their quest for promoting active critical thinking in the community college classroom. Participants will come away from the workshop with activities that can be implemented immediately as well as ideas and lesson plans that can be tailored to their specific disciplines.

Target Audience: Faculty (full-time and adjunct), counselors, curriculum/technology specialists, and administrators.