Fundamentals of Cooperative Learning for the Community College Classroom

(An Introduction Workshop and the Pre-Requisite for all other training sessions)

This highly interactive workshop is designed to educate, inspire, and rejuvenate community college educators across the curriculum.

 The workshop provides a conceptual framework and hands on experience in planning and implementing cooperative learning in the college classroom. The three types of cooperative learning are presented and demonstrated along with the five key elements associated with every cooperative learning lesson. Attendees learn numerous strategies for implementing both positive interdependence and individual accountability into every cooperative activity.

Forming and troubleshooting groups are presented along with the challenges of assessing or grading group work. Faculty members explore the differences between cooperative learning and simple group work. Participants have opportunities to develop discipline-specific cooperative learning activities which they can take back and implement into their classrooms immediately.

All content is presented in a cooperative, active learning environment where participants interact with not only the facilitator but all other trainees as well. The theoretical underpinnings associated with cooperative learning are presented allowing participants to engage in further exploration.

Target Audience: Teaching faculty (full-time and adjunct), administrators, and counselors